About Us

Greenpoint Market exists to find ways to be more gentle to the earth

Hi, I'm Lucy, and I have unending love for the place that bore David Bowie, grows ranunculus in spring, houses the glowing sea turtle, and gives us everything we need

  • As imperfect people living in a throw-away economy, we know our individual buying habits will always be full of contradictions. But even so, we do what is possible in our lives to produce less plastic, divert rubbish from our landfills and oceans, and try our best to work harmoniously with the needs of the planet.

    My own low waste might not look Instagramable (a bit more five-year-old, curry-stained lunch boxes than beautiful Japanese bamboo bentos), and together we definitely won’t be perfect, but we’ll keep learning and doing what we can.

    I hope that taking these small steps together might just help us enact the bigger changes towards sustainability we’re all craving.

  • I spent the past four years in America. Being there shocked me into environmental activism. It seemed like waste was a huge design flaw in every part of life; the way products were made, packaging was created, and even how buildings and infrastructure were built.

    But North Brooklyn is where I met some of the smartest, most engaged and interesting people working towards better, cleaner communities. From small projects like picking up rubbish at the park and setting up local composting, to large campaigns to stop fracked gas infrastructure in New York. I loved the sense of community, and the chance to hang out with big-hearted people with only the desire to do some good in common. So Greenpoint Market is an homage to them and the ideals they generously passed onto me.