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Super Soft Bamboo Face/Dish Cloth

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We never want to put anything to waste.

These bamboo cloths are made from off cuts of 'smoc smoc' changing robes. The remnants of bamboo and organic cotton would be thrown away as waste but instead the remnants have been repurposed into these super soft, double thick cloths - Reused and reloved!

The cloths are made from natural, non-plastic materials which will biodegrade, unlike plastic sponges or microfibre cloths which last years in a landfill.

The cloths are also super absorbent. 

Your cloth can be washed over and over again. For best results wash on a cool wash to prevent shrinking

Each cloth is 24 x 24cm (sizes may vary slightly as these are made from off cuts)

The End of the Road

These bamboo cloths are compostable.