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Biodegradable Floss with Dispenser in Peppermint

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Stop lying to your dentist by embracing EcoVibe's biodegradable floss. 

This floss dispenser comes with 30 metres of long-lasting biodegradable peppermint dental floss. The packaging is a glass jar with an aluminium container that has a handy dispensing lid for easy tearing.

Look out for refills coming soon, which will help you cut down on the packaging for your future shops.

📏 30m
🐇 Vegan and gluten-free
🚫 Absolutely no oil-based plastic, PLA made from corn starch
♻️ Packaged in glass and aluminium jar

End of the Road 

The floss can be composted. Your glass jar and aluminium lid can be kept for refills, or included in your household recycling. The box can be recycled with your paper recycling.