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Non Plastic Beach

Boll**ks to Cling Film

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Six washable food grade (BPA free) silicone covers for bowls, cans, plates and cups that help you say “Boll**ks” to cling film.

We use them to help slash food waste by preserving partially used portions of food or keeping bowls, plates or cups of leftovers fresh for the following day. 

🐰 Vegan friendly & cruelty-free
🙅 BPA free
🌱 Recyclable/compostable packaging

The covers come in six sizes from 6.5 cm to 21 cm to help cover a wider variety of containers and crockery. These can be hand washed or put into a dishwasher to be cleaned and ready for reuse over and over again. 

Non Plastic Beach is on a mission to produce plastic-free products that they, "actually like, actually work, are honestly described and don’t cost a fortune". 

Product Sizes

  • 6.5cm
  • 9.5cm
  • 11.5 cm
  • 14.5 cm
  • 16.5 cm
  • 21 cm

The End of the Road 

Silicone is a really durable and stable solution for keeping food fresh but cannot go in your household recycling. In the future, if you want to recycle your covers, try a specialist recycling company like TerraCycle.