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Cedar Vitae

Botanical Four Pack Wax Melts

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A beautiful gift or a little home luxury, these wax melts are made with rapeseed wax,  which is sustainable and nontoxic to you and the environment, and pure essential oils. These melts completely transform the room and energy around you.

The cute cotton bags include four wax melts; two large, and two small flower shapes. Choose from three scents. 

Good Days 

Good Days' sweet and slightly citrussy smell brightens and brings a glow to your day.

May Chang: Native to China and other areas in South East Asia, May Chang has a sweet and lemon-like aroma which can bring a glow to your day.

Patchouli: Derived from tropical parts of Asia, patchouli has a strong, spicy, earthy and sweet scent which can help to centre your mind.


The calming aroma of serene is achieved with lavender: Derived from Africa, Europe and Asia, lavender has a distinctive smell which has calming benefits. 


Zest is a pick-me-up made with geranium: Derived from countries within the Mediterranean region, geranium has a sweet yet spicy scent which helps to relieve unease making room for energy and certainty.

How to use your wax melt:

Place your wax melt into your oil/wax burner and light your tea light. If you have a small wax burner, cut the wax melt in half, to avoid spillage. 

Allow the wax to melt and achieve a full melt pool as this will ensure that the best fragrance throw to be achieved. Let the natural aroma of the essential oils to fill the room.

Once you have extinguished the tea light flame, allow the wax to solidify. The same wax melt can be reused until no scent is released, once it is finished, you can apply pressure to the solid wax melt and it should pop out, if not, gently scoop the solid wax out with a spoon. 

The End of the Road

Your wax melt is compostable. Do not put down a sink or drain. The cotton bag can be repurposed as a jewellery bag or small gift bag, but can also be recycled or composted at a facility that accepts cotton.