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Cellulose Sponges — Pack of Two

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These durable and absorbent sponges can be used to make either your kitchen or bathroom sparkle. 
Traditional polyester and nylon sponges release microplastics into our waterways. These alternatives are super long lasting and are made from wood fibers so are much more gentle to the planet. 
Each sponge: 10.7cm (h) x 7.8cm (w) x 1.9cm (d)
🌱 Made from wood pulp (plant cellulose)
🌱 Durable and longer lasting than basic plastic sponges
🌱 Absorbs up to 10 x their weight
🌱 Tree planted for each pack sold 
The End of the Road 
Cut up your sponge into small pieces to help it decompose in your compost.