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Compostable Dog Poo Bag

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Your dog uses 730 poo bags per year.

These plant-based poo bags are EU certified (EN13432) 100% biodegradable and compostable. They’re made from all-natural, renewable corn starch and plant oils which are EU grown and use no palm or soya, no virgin soil or deforestation.

We love that EcoVibe make these in a zero-waste facility using wind energy.

There are 50 bags per box, and the bag size is 22cm x 29cm

🙅🏾 Green color hides unpleasant sights
💪 Strong and durable
💚 EU-certified biodegradable and compostable

The End of the Road
The bags are suitable for industrial composting, but if you can't access those facilities en route, rest assured that if your bags are incinerated with other dog waste bags, they will leave no trace or toxic chemicals behind.