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Zero Waste Club

Copper Tongue Scraper

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There's a reason every dentist on TikTok recommends tongue scraping. It's really good for your dental health — it can remove harmful bacteria that inflames your gums, as well as prevent cavities.

It's also oddly satisfying depending on your disposition. 

Made from 100% copper, Zero Waste Club's tongue scrapers will last a lifetime. All they need is a little TLC so make sure you give it good clean and dry it thoroughly after every use before popping it back in its handy travel pouch (made from an organic cotton and linen blend).

If you’ve never used one before, you’re in for a treat. Place the curved edge of the tongue scraper on the back of your tongue and with a little gentle pressure, pull the scraper towards the front of your tongue. Give it a rinse then keep going until your tongue is squeaky clean.

With 100% recyclable packaging, oral hygiene has never looked so good.

The End of the Road 

The tongue scraper and box are recyclable. The pouch could have lots of uses, but could also either be composted or recycled with textile recycling.