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Organically Pineapple

Cream Macrame Bottle Holder

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Never forget your water bottle again with this cute 100% soft natural cotton macrame holder. 

This strong and durable bag stretches to adjust to the size of your bottle and can carry water bottles, 750ml wine bottles, and food pots. 

We love this Organically Pineapple holder because its owner, Yenny, chose not to work with the usual cotton braided cord that's mixed with polyester, and work with soft cotton twisted 4mm that's fully compostable. 

Regular length: 90 cm 
Petite length (recommended for people 5'3 and under): 80 cm

Hand wash cold and hang in the shade. 

The End of the Road 

Pass on your bag when you no longer need it, or the cotton can be recycled at a textile recycler or composted.