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Sponge and Scourer Duo

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EcoVibe compostable sponge scourer sets are our new dependable all-rounder cleaning products. The sponge part is made from cellulose (a natural wood fibre), and each sponge features a natural scourer pad side. One is made from sisal cactus fibre (for every day scouring) and the other is made from loofah plant layers (for tougher scrubbing power). 

They are durable and will last for months with no bad odours.

These sponge scourers are great for doing the dishes, cleaning bathroom surfaces and kitchen countertops, as well as everyday spills. 

Each sponge can absorb and retain up to 10 times its own weight in water and can last through many tough cleaning jobs. 

Looking after your sponge

To help keep your cellulose sponge free of bacteria, keep it as dry as possible between uses.

You can sterilize them by soaking for a few minutes in boiled water, microwave heating damp sponges or pop in the dishwasher with a drying cycle. 

The End of the Road 

Cut your sponges up and put them in your compost